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Tom Richards



New: Mission Impossible?! My Last (Sacred) Wish

    Unleashing the Creative Process
    An Awareness Practice


    The Creative Process is an ever-present, ever-available, co-creative partner that we sometimes inadvertently call on, or that we can embrace as a lifelong companion.
    Process-oriented awareness skills enhance our ability to observe, follow, and access Creative Flow from either path.
    Creative awareness practice jump-starts energy levels by accessing portals into our essential creative flow.

    A Creativity Advocate facilitates unleashing this exciting, mysterious, and wondrous relationship with the Creative Process. 


    Tom Richards is a product of the Scientific Age with a lifelong fascination for Creative Process, and has evolved into a gifted advocate and facilitator of Creative Flow. Tom synthesizes over thirty years of corporate, non-profit, family, and sole proprietor business/organization experience from healthcare to publishing, and technology to personal and spiritual growth with process oriented levels of awareness to create sacred space for clients to gently dip into creative life flow.

    Creative Wings Studio

    Process Painting Mentor

    Light and Love Ministries

    Unity Prayer Chaplain

    Process Work Institute

    Graduate Certificate

    University of Illinois CPA

    University of Chicago MBA

    Cornell University BS

    Facilitator & Therapist

    "Thanks, Tom, for your precious work and love and sensitivity working with people.

    Blessings to all the people that have the good fortune of learning all you have to teach."

    Healthcare Advocate

    "Tom, with the pain that Alzheimer's and Dementia continue to cause so many, you are a ray of hope, an angel, in fact.

    The world is grateful for your knowledge, and wondrous heart!"


    "I was struck with the thrill of the Flow, which is always there, waiting for us to pay attention."


    "Thanks for showing how to honor our elders, communicate with those in remote and altered states of consciousness, and follow the creative life process."

    Corporate Executive

    "Most people in technical businesses are like the Platte River - a mile wide and one inch deep.

    They have the surface knowledge and use all the right vocabulary, but they do not have the depth that Tom has."

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